Holiday Photos

A series of photos from my holiday in Venice


This was an item of tat on sale on Murano. We were interested at first, until we discovered that the five euro price tag actually applied to the small piece of garbage next to it. We made subtle our escape.

Karen Near St Mark's Square

Karen silhouetted against pretty pretty lagoon.


Burano is famous for the pretty multicoloured houses.

Wave For The Camera

Taken from Murano. One of those moments when I marvel pretentiously at the magic of the laws of physics, simplicity and complexity in the same place, and all that.

Pigeon Shot

A pigeon in St Mark’s Square. Behind the pigeon is a canvas draped over an enormous scaffolding, to try and make the thing less hideous.

Pigeon Shower

I like pigeons. Their plumage makes for good photos. And they are daft as feathered brushes. Incidentally, the number of pigeons in St Mark’s Square was phenomenal – like Trafalgar Square used to be, in its prime.

Rialto Bridge

One of those photos that everyone takes. The Rialto Bridge, I mean. Not the top of Karen’s head. I don’t think that many people have taken photos of /that/

Window Frame

I was a bit bored in the airport so I got arty.

Venice From Above

I took this photo from the plane as we were leaving Venice, circling around the north of the island.

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