An apology

From all at Uborka Towers, we would like to apologise profusely, both to old friends and to new introducees, for our behaviour last night. Our conversational skills were wanting, and we are both very ashamed of ourselves. We’re sorry if we appeared to be rude or dismissive, but the truth is that due to a rather beverageful Friday night, the words were taking a long time to form themselves into sentences.

Said Dragon to me, “You’re more laconic than I thought you’d be.” I replied, “It’s actually just that I’m a bit poorly.” Laconic is a fabulous word.

So, to anyone who was there for their first mogbleet, and saw a guy stood by the bar *all night*, sipping from a glass of clear liquid (which could have been a gin and tonic, but was really just a lemonade), looking like he thought that he was too cool for this pub, and giving one-word answers when people tried to start up a conversation with him: that was me. I’m not normally like that.

And to anyone who was there, and knew me beforehand, and now thinks that I don’t like them anymore, then I want you to know that it’s not like that. You’re ace. You’re my friend.

I was just even more fragile than I was expecting.

Here’s the Uborka Christmas Tree 2004. It’s more tasteful than last year’s, but that’s because Karen constructed it, and I’ve always had a tendency towards shedloads of tinsel and jollity.

The Uborka Christmas Tree 2004

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