I remember when I was young, I used to lie in bed at night staring up at the corner of my bedroom. And in the strained light, I remember how my depth of vision used to go peculiar, and even though I was perfectly focused on the corner of my bedroom, I would feel like I was actually staring at a point that was a hundred metres away.

And then I’d get scared, and close my eyes, but it wouldn’t help because suddenly the backs of my eyelids looked like they were a hundred metres away. And so I’d try to sleep, but I’d have nightmares where I was standing next to things and they looked like they were actually a hundred metres away.

Those were some of the worst nights of my life. And right now, it is all happening over again. I am sat about twelve inches away from my computer monitor, and I feel like I am staring across fields at it. My hands look like they are six feet away. Everything in this room seems to be far, far out of reach.

It’s not looking good.

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