The Song About the haircut

Well, my songwriting drought appears to have come to an end. Check out this beauty that I composed last night.

*Oh my lovely hairs,
How I cut you down so selfishly,
Smote you with steel blades,
For my own ends.*

*Yea, I even paid for the assault to take place,
Handed over money in exchange for the skills of an experienced swordsman,
Your limbs now lie scattered over his floor,
Your entrails strewn across my clothes,
Your lives soon to be cast away, but for the bits of yourselves that you leave behind.*

*But, to be fair, you brought it upon yourselves,
You always grew back the same,
You never change,
So I put it to you that you actually enter into this agreement knowingly.
You know how it will end,
And you do nothing to stop it,
I have no pity for you.*



It’s gonna be a hit. Though I may release this one under a pseudonym.

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