This is a Firefox extension to let you know how far it is back to your home base in Urban Dead.


Download v1.3.2

New in 1.3.2: Compatible with Firefox 3.6


To save your current location as home, right click on the page and choose "Set UD Home". The entry fields will be filled in with your current location - you can modify them before clicking OK, if you like.

Once you have set a home base for a character, you can also change it by going to the Extensions list and bringing up the Options dialog for the Homing Beacon.

The extension saves a different home base for each UD character that you may have, and automatically uses the appropriate one.

The text "You have x Action Points remaining" on the map page will then be extended to let you know how many AP it will take for you to get to the home base from your current location, as well as the direction that you need to go in. The AP count represents the shortest possible path (ie going diagonally until you are level with your home base, and then directly towards it).

Additional Features

You can also view the co-ordinates of your current location and home base. This effectively makes the GPS Unit item redundant.

You can also see the time when your AP will be recharged to the maximum (50). An incompatibility with the UD toolbar extension has been fixed in v1.2.

These additional options are controlled within the extension options screen. The quickest way to reach this is to paste the following into your address bar: chrome://udhoming/content/udhomingOptions.xul

Known bugs and observations

With thanks to Rich for his clever location-determining code.

If you have any bugs to report, or queries about the extension, please email me.